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The Starbucks Red Cup Has An Important Lesson For Us


With all the anti-Christmas hubbub surrounding the new Starbucks Red Cup, I somehow missed the reason for the season-al cup:

Starbucks slimmed down the design of their containers to provide people with a blank canvas upon which they could personalize their holiday drink experience. 

It's a genius marketing idea, but I believe it has an important lesson for us as well. 

More people need to be in the business of making space. Space to think. Space to grow. Space to create. Space to love. 

We live in a busy world, and sometimes the last thing we have is space. 

Do you feel cramped right now? Are people pressing in around you? Is your life overwhelmed with tasks that aren't taking you anywhere? Find something to toss and make some space for yourself. 

Nothing new and exciting can happen if there isn't room for it. Tossing out the clutter isn't easy though. It won't make sense to some people. 

I remember Marissa once wanted to get rid of a lot of her clothes. She had too many articles of clothing and wanted to make some space. I thought it was strange at first, but now I realize how admirable her actions were. 

The truth is, creating space isn't normal. That's one of the reasons why people got upset at Starbucks for taking off the extra fluff on their cups. 

Why would you get rid of something that's perfectly good? 

To put it plainly, you get rid of stuff that's perfectly good because it's distracting you from something perfectly better. 

We've stuffed our Christmas (and our lives) so full of stuff, we have no space to play with. There's no room for whimsy. Our resources are already spent. 

When you have so much stuff, there's no way to focus on what's important. That's a design principle too. The Starbucks Red Cup is minimal on purpose. It's not busied. It's focused. 

When you have space in your life, you have focus. 

If you're like me, you're beginning to realize how little focus you have. You're beginning to see that there are important things in your life that aren't happening because you don't have time. You're so busy doing pointless stuff that you're missing out on the meaningful stuff. 

We need more space. 

We need to toss some stuff out of our lives. 

A word of warning though: people might think you're weird. People might not like when you say "no". 

They'll accuse you of being anti-something. It might not be anti-Christmas, but it'll be something that means a lot to someone but it doesn't mean a lot to you. 

Prepare yourself for confused looks. But it's worth it if you're life has space. 

If you're life becomes a blank canvas, you're able to be what God would want to make of you. 

So make some room. 

Be like a Red Cup.