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Oh Great, Jackson Dame is Blogging Again

Yes, you heard it here first folks.

Jackson is gonna start blogging again, and he's not self-conscious about it AT ALL.

[Ron Howard Narrator]: Actually, he is.

I've been thinking about a blogging resurgence for quite some time now, but I only wanted to do it if I made the whole thing a lot more fun for myself and for you. 

Cause let's be honest, blogging has gotten pretty predictable these days. I want to try something new and just experiment with the whole thing to see what happens.

If you know me, then you know how much I love Twitter. I'm on there quite a bit, so I thought to myself, "why not make my blog more like my Twitter experience?"

So that's what I'm gonna do!

Let's take all of the things I love about Twitter and try to implement some of them here on my blog.

So, this new season of blogging is going to look something like this:

*cue The Final Countdown by Europe*

What I'll be talking about:

I'm going to be talking about the same things I talk about over on Twitter (so, weird theology stuff and how Kimmy Schmidt has been helping me more than my Bible lately). 

I'm going to try to be more light-hearted and whimsical and positive and fun for the whole family. (Okay, so maybe not the WHOLE family cause I highly doubt your two-year-old is going to enjoy this blog.)

You're gonna see a lot of GIFs, so if that's a problem with you then you're gonna have to deal with it because...........

P.S. it's pronounced JIFF thank you very much.

Anywho, why don't you check out my first post to get this thing off to a great start? Just click on the fancy button below.




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