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Ex Materia

How Faith Can Unleash Your Creativity in a World Where Nothing is New

CH 5: The Creator

As I’ve explained, I’m a creator who struggles. Finding ideas and resources is hard work. I often wonder how other creatives are able to do it. Writing a new article or blog post each week is rough when I’m often unsure what to write about.

Despite this, people often praise me for how creative I am. I’m amused by such comments because, deep inside, I don’t feel very creative at times. In fact, it’s something I wrestle with on a weekly basis. I struggle to find things to write about. This often feels like a “thorn in the flesh”, and yes, I’ve asked Yahweh to remove it on several occasions.

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CH 4: Creative Identity

A lot of people aren’t doing anything because they aren’t sure what they’re supposed to be doing. That, or they’re confused about their identity. I've been in both positions.

Back when I was severely struggling with creative block, I had an identity crisis. I would think things like this: "If I'm having trouble creating, am I really cut out to do creative work professionally?"         

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CH 3: Consume to Create

As I said at the beginning of this book, I used to be a struggling creator. I was trying to create stuff, but I never could come up with ideas I that I liked.

As I considered the concept of ex materia creativity, I began to see my problem. I was trying to create stuff without acquiring quality material. I was attempting to pull out unique ideas from a pile of overused garbage.

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CH 2: Nothing is New

One of my greatest creative struggles came in the realm of originality. I would see people creating so many marvelous things, but I would feel like all my ideas were cliche.

As I explored scripture looking for answers to my creativity problems, I realized that the book of Ecclesiastes has a lot to say on the topic of originality. Take a look for yourself:

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CH 1: What is Ex Materia?

During my senior of college, I wrote a book in my free time. It was called Ex Materia: How Faith Can Unleash You Creativity in a World Where Nothing is New.

The summer after I graduated, I attempted to self-publish it using the crowdfunding website known as Kickstarter. Sadly, my self-publishing campaign didn't succeed, and I was left trying to figure out how to proceed with my dream. 

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