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What's In My Bag 2016

Every year I take a picture of my current bag and the things I carry around with me. I enjoy seeing how things change over the years. Below you'll find the 2016 edition of "What's In My Bag?"

Jackson DameComment
What's In My Bag (2014)

I have an emotional attachment to my backpack. All of the things that I usually carry inside of it make it almost impossible for me to leave without it. Sure, I probably won't use everything I carry, but I like to know that I have options. For some time I've been fascinated with those "What's in your bag?" photos that people have taken, because I enjoy seeing the items that people want with them at all times. So, I decided to take some time to put together a post showcasing what I have in my bag. It's easy to tell that I spend a lot of time reading and writing.