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Quantified Self

Data about my life.

February 2017 QS Log

In November of 2016, I started using an Apple Watch to keep track of my health and fitness. Several months into this endeavor, I stumbled upon the Quantified Self movement and, after quite a bit of research and planning, decided to begin keeping records of other aspects of my life. 

I began with nutrition and quickly expanded into other areas like mental health and screen time.

My main goal in quantifying aspects of my life is to become more aware of myself. The act of keeping records wakes me up to elements of my life that, normally, I am unconscious of.

However, I want to do more than just raise my awareness. I also want to use that awareness to live a healthier and more meaningful life. In order to do this, I have to analyze and interpret the data I'm collecting. This requires me to create visualizations of my data. 

To help keep myself accountable and regularly reflecting on the data I'm collecting, I will begin publishing monthly Quantified Self logs that contain charts and graphs of some of my data. Feel free to follow along with this project and use it as self-motivation or inspiration.

Hope you enjoy!

Mindfulness & Meditation

Average Heart Rate

Calories Burned



Calories Consumed

Hours of Sleep

Overall Quality of Day

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being a day of the highest quality.

Mood (Daily Averages)

Logged using MoodNotes multiple times throughout the day.

Mood (Monthly Average)

100% = complete and total happiness

Mood Distribution

Number = frequency of a particular mood (the greater the number, the more often I was in that mood) (December 25, 2016 - Mar 2, 2017)

Walk the dog?

A question I answer at the end of everyday.


Another question I answer at the end of everyday.

Social Time vs. Reading Time

I don't necessarily think there's any kind of relationship between these two things. I just wanted to overlap the two and see what it looks like.

iPhone vs. Computer

I'm hoping these numbers will be reduced drastically in March. I'm doing a social media fast for Lent, and I'm trying to be more productive in my work (spending less time working, but getting the same amount done).

Was it quality time?

When randomly prompted throughout the day, I log whether or not what I was doing at the moment could be considered "quality time". I have no hard and fast definition for this term, but I know it when it's happening.

Weather Conditions

I'm hoping to start keeping temperature records or pulling data from historical databases. I'd be interested to see how temperature relates to other data points, especially my mood.

What Was I Doing?

These are the top most frequently tagged activities for the month.

Who was I with?

Would I rather be doing something else?

This is an important question for me because I'd like to be spending more time doing things I actually want to be doing.

Why am I doing what I'm doing?

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