"I had the pleasure of working directly with Jackson on a daily basis. Not only did his design expertise prove especially helpful, but he was willing to dive into additional areas of marketing to help our small team. [He] understands how to use design to improve marketing campaign performance. Overall, Jackson is very well rounded ... I would easily put Jackson in the top 5% of designers."
— DEREK P. (CEO, SaaS Company)

"Jackson gets better work done faster than anyone I've ever met. He's great at maintaining focus, and helping the team stay on track. His eye for design elevates every project, whether it's client-facing marketing collateral, or an internal document for the team. Jackson has a very open nature that makes him the perfect person to have in a brainstorming session. Countless successful marketing initiatives were the direct result of his creative brilliance. I highly recommend him as a team member and a leader."
- ROY H. (Marketing Content Manager, SaaS Company)

“Jackson does a fantastic job providing us with graphic design services, website design, domain and email setup, and social media. He has also worked on our branding and corporate messaging, redesigning our logo and tagline. We could not be more pleased.”

"Jackson was amazing to work with as a team in Sales/Marketing. He communicated excellently and constantly hit his marketing goals. If I thought something could be changed from a Marketing standpoint, Jackson and I talked about how we could both improve it and then got it done!"
- Shane B. (Sales Professional, SaaS Company)

"Jackson has been an amazing resource for not only me but also our client team within TheraNest. We worked directly together as he did the marketing tactics and strategic plans on the brand I worked for (TheraNest). He hands down made my job (sales) so much easier with the amount of different type of leads in brought in. Jackson’s ideas on how to grab the attention of potential clients is second to none. I personally have learned so much from him and very thankful for that. I would recommend Jackson to any company; he would be a great asset to the team, if not the best asset."
- Jennifer M. (Sales Professional, SaaS Company)

“Jackson understands working with non profits when it comes to budgets and timing the projects so that your organization can get what you need in the manner you need it. Professional, excellent, and creative!”

“Working with Jackson was a great experience. He took my concepts and ideas and brought them to life much better than I could have imagined. He created the perfect book cover for me, and the interior layout was something special. His knowledge about self-publishing was extremely valuable to me as a new author.”

“Excellent and creative work done in a timely and efficient manner. I would recommend Jackson and his work to anyone looking for graphic design, branding, social media or any marketing related work needed.”

“Working with Jackson was an absolute pleasure! He carefully collaborated with me to create a cover design that was perfect for my book. His work is timely, professional and most importantly reasonably priced.”