While I was the Creative Specialist for Therapy Brands (Fusion Web Clinic), I revitalized their brand image and began making all their marketing collateral look professional. At the beginning of 2019, I began leading most of the company's marketing efforts.
In the following case study, you'll find breakdowns and explanations of some of the major projects I completed. For a closer look at one of the marketing campaigns I directed, check out the Assisted Billing case study.
Logo Refresh
When I first began working at Fusion, there was a lot of work to be done to create a consistent and effective brand image. The existing visual style was very outdated and had serious issues.
In an ideal world, I would have liked to start from scratch and build a totally new image for the company. However, after understanding where the company was at, I realized that it would be unwise to completely throw out the existing branding.
They had already established a positive reputation and people were very familiar with the name and logo. Because of this, I decided to start by doing a refresh rather than a rebrand. 

The Old Logo

A structural analysis to show some of the problems with the old logo. Many of the crossbars didn't align, there was a drop shadow effect under the check mark, and there were numerous conflicting angles.

The New Logo

A structural analysis of the new logo showing the improvements. All crossbars are properly aligned, all of the angles have been unified, and the drop shadow was eliminated.

Branding Resources
I equipped our team members to be able to accurately use our brand image on their own by providing them with training, resources, and tools. I knew if we wanted to build and maintain a strong brand, it would have to be a team effort.
Visual Style Guide
Visual Style Cheat Sheet (Web-page)
Microsoft Office Templates
To better equip our entire staff to be effective representatives of the brand, I created custom Microsoft Office templates for presentations and documents.
Additionally, I provided hands-on training to the team to make sure they all felt competent using the resources.

An audio and screen recording of a training session I led for the team.

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